Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Phil Zey BlaQ

As I take a walk through my minds memory bank, and try to deposit my past relationship like always; I came to a quandary. Should I really waste my precious art on a unworthy realists, for example the today's urban female, one with the wool over their eyes, and one whom does not appreciate true beauty?Why should I attempt to express culture, love, peace, and my heart with poetry welded from the refinery I call the soul? I try, and I try, and I try to get closer to those I loved in the past by giving them a very special gift that everyone can not receive. I gave my heart; and it comes back torn four ways and five times over. I gave my thoughts, but even that came back in shambles. Maybe its me, maybe I cannot capture the true essence we call love. If so how can I find a way to harness and control this unknown force that every human being in the world needs, or at least get a taste of it?None the less, I still have to survive, and stay on the path of righteousness. Maybe if I do not search and be patient, I will not come across one that steals or false represent this enigma we call love. Maybe the perfect person would come to me in due time. My angel from the mist of heaven, my Goddess, my Aphrodite, my beautiful Egyptian Cleopatra will reveal herself to me, and then perhaps I can find peace. Should her personality contain a ride or die, artsy Eryka Baduh trait, I would indeed be head over hills. To end my thought I will conclude with a quotation from a very profound person in my life. "Our time of suffering brings the greatest growth." Thank you for reading.

BlaQ Jesuz

I had a dream last night, Black Jesus came to visit me. His face was as dark as the the dimmest night, but yet brighter then the sun. His hair was matted together and long, it resemembled and lion, a black lion of the shadows. His body was riddled with tattoos from his past lives. his voice could strike fear into the toughest of souls. His eyes were windows to his past. He told me "do not worship me, instead follow the path I constructed with me bare hands. (His hands looked broken from centuries of hard work.)
The only being you should bow down to, is your creator; God. God has many names Isvara, Rama, Krishna, Jehovah, Allah. I know there are many religion's, our creator made all of them, to separate the true believers from the frauds. Do not follow the bible because it if full of lies from false prophets that want you to believe their deceit. They wan't you to follow a path of destruction, by not utilizing your own mind. You know the difference between right and wrong, you are born with a conscience, use it. And then you will surely see the heavens." After his
statement he was gone.